Things to know about laser tattoo removal and you.

According to recent studies, there are over 45 million Americans who got at least one tattoo. Among these individuals, there are 14% who are under 18 to 25 years old, and there are 36% people who are under the age of 26 to 40 years old. With these data, we can assume that tattooing has been part of the American’s life. On the other hand, the record shows that people who have tattoos tend to seek tattoo removal clinics to get rid of their tattoo due to various reasons. Here are some of the facts that you should know about tattoo removal when you decide to remove one of your tatts.
• About half population of Americans with tattoo regretted getting one. One of the reasons why people are getting a tattoo is based on their emotions. Some individuals lose the significant meaning of their tattoo, so they decide to remove it. While others are landing their dream jobs that they need to erase the tattoo as part of the employment policies. Other reasons include poorly designed tattoo which faded as years passed.
• Over the counter tattoo removal, creams and solutions are not working at all. Any ointment or creams will never remove tattoos because tattoo pigments need to be broken down by a laser technology to be flushed out from the body or the conventional way of tattoo removal that involves scraping or sloughing off of the tattooed skin.
• Laser tattoo removal protects the skin. Most people are hesitant to undergo laser tattoo removal because they believe that it is painful or can destroy the integrity of the skin. The truth is, laser tattoo removal is the only procedure that does not destroy the outer layer of the skin. Laser tattoo removal technology passes through the skin and targets the pigments of the tattoo. The goal is the to break it down into smaller particles for the immune system will be able to flush it out from the system. Moreover, the beam of light from the laser machine is very precise that it only attacks the ink, so you do not have to worry about the location of the tattoo. The adverse reaction may occur, only if the laser technician or specialist is inexperienced and not certified to do the job.
• Laser tattoo removal takes few minutes. People always think that tattoo removal will take hours to complete the treatment. But in reality, tattoo removal with the use of laser technology takes not less than 30 minutes. On the other hand, it could take more minutes depending on the color, location, and thickness of the tattoo. Furthermore, individuals associate the length of time of the session to the size of the tattoo. The treatment time will be dependent on the color, location, and thickness of the tattoo.
• Some tattoo can be easily removed. As mentioned, one of the factors that laser technician considers is the color of the tattoo. Some inks are easy to remove, and there are some that are difficult to erase. Dark colors such as dark blue, black, green and brown are easy to remove because the laser is more efficient in targeting dark pigments compared to lighter colors. On the other hand, lighter color tattoo like orange, yellow and red can still be removed, but it will take a few treatments. Typically, the number of the treatment may take 5 to 8 session to achieve the desirable result.
• No downside even if you wait for a couple of weeks before the next treatment. One of the advantages of the laser tattoo removal is it does not have any drawback. Typically, the patient needs to wait at least a month or two to have the next session. During this time, the body is still trying to flush out the tattoo pigments that has been broken down into tiny particles. Patients will be able to observe the effect after a few days of the first treatment. The tattoo will gradually fade.
• The healthier your heart is, the faster the ink to fade after a laser tattoo removal. For individuals who are in good shape and have an active lifestyle, tattoo fades quicker. Why? When tattoo pigments are destroyed in tiny particles, the immune system and body’s circulation that involves the heart works hand in hand in removing these tattoo pigments out from the body. The process of removing the tiny particles of ink continuous even after the surgery, your body’s natural defense will work spontaneously until all the broken particles of tattoo pigments were removed.
• Laser tattoo removal may be painful to some patients. Some patients have a low tolerance for pain, so they may feel uncomfortable doing the procedure. During the procedure, the patient may experience mild burning sensation on the involved skin just like a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Most skin experts use a topical anesthesia to eliminate the discomfort.