Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

How does laser tattoo removal work?
Laser tattoo removal method is entirely different from the conventional tattoo removal because it does not inflict an agonizing pain to the patient. Since the procedure utilizes a laser technology, it involves light and heat energy to break down the pigments of tattoo for the antibody cells to engulf the tiny particles and remove it out from the system. Moreover, in laser tattoo removal, the skin will be spared from destruction because the wavelengths of the pulsed beam of light are very specific and only passes through the integumentary which only target the tattoo pigments. Depending on the size and color of the tattoo, multiple session is needed. Nevertheless, the dissolved tattoo pigments will be continuously flush out from the body after a day or two of each session.

How can I be sure that the procedure is safe?
Laser tattoo removal is safe as long as it is performed accurately by an experienced laser specialist. According to dermatologists, the laser technology has been used for various skin procedure, and it has been safe to use for the patients. Though there are potential risks, laser technicians and skin experts work collaboratively to eliminate any adverse reaction during and after the procedure. The efficacy of the method has been reported by patients, and according to studies, 50% of tattooed individuals seek laser tattoo removal compared to the traditional approach because of the safety and efficiency.
Most skin experts nowadays are undergoing training for laser tattoo removal due to its skyrocketing demand. With this being said, every individual who is considering getting rid of their tattoo will be comfortable visiting a laser tattoo removal clinics because medical experts and laser technicians are involved. Furthermore, every clinic will provide protective gears such as eyewear and others during the procedure. Patients may experience minimal pain on the targeted skin, and you can request to have a topical anesthesia for maximum comfort.

Does laser tattoo removal painful?
Patients may experience minimal pain, and most of the time they associate it with rubber band being snap against the skin. Some patient may find it uncomfortable, so the doctor needs to apply topical anesthesia, but most patients can tolerate the pain. Moreover, the patients are encouraged to do a consultation before undergoing any tattoo removal, especially when it comes to taking some pain killer medications from over the counter purchase like the aspirin. Taking medication like the aspirin may increase the chance of developing bruises and other bleeding problems during and after the procedure.

What is the adverse reaction of laser tattoo removal?
The adverse reaction only occurs when improper handling of the laser machines was not achieved, and the technician does not have enough experience to do the procedure. For first time patients, you may experience medical bruises which are controlled and temporary. The controlled bruises and other possible side effects of the laser will last for several minutes to few hours. In addition to this, mild burn and some blisters may develop along with reddened dermis but are short-term only. There is topical ointment provided in case of blisters and mild skin injury occurs. After approximately 48 to 72 hours, the skin will be crusted due to change of skin and should last for 7 to 14 days. You will learn all about the pre and post procedure care during the initial assessment or consultation. The laser specialists or your skin doctor will need to specify the possible side-effects and other instructions that you need to follow before and after the treatment.

I am pregnant, and I like to remove my tattoo, is it possible?
Other tattoo removal clinics treat pregnant patients; we highly encourage our customer to consult their Obstetrician for a recommendation. Though we welcome everybody, we always prioritize our customer’s welfare, especially the unborn child. Moreover, during pregnancy, there is hormonal shoot up, and changes that could affect the skin pigmentation and laser treatment might not be that effective during the pregnancy. On the other hand, we will be happy to assist you after you have safely delivered your child and proceed with the laser tattoo removal as you have planned.

How many sessions do I need to undergo before getting the desired effect?
The number of treatments will be dependent on the size, age of the tattoo, color, the tattooed parts and the type of the ink that was used. Typically, the treatment interval will be two mounts or quarterly to allow the broken pigments to be eliminated out of the body. Upon the initial consultation, you will be provided the exact number of session that you need to complete.

How long does it take to complete a tattoo removal treatment?

A session will last for a maximum of 30 minutes. On the other hand, we need to assess the tattoo (size, tattoo age, color, type of pigment, design and the location of the tattoo) to provide us an idea how many minutes does the treatment will last. For initial treatment, it could take longer than the usual but for the next treatment, we will be able to estimate the exact minutes to complete the procedure.
Our clinic will provide detailed instructions about the pre and post care treatment guidelines to help our customer understand the procedure itself and the possible side-effects. Find a tattoo removal clinic near your home.